What Meaneth this Suffering Love?

Is it not found in love that suffers to live and move and have its being in me? What is life without love everlasting, love all enduring, love ever-pursuing, love ever-enabling, love ever-capturing the object of its affection? Love constrained; yes, Lord, love&constraining me, constraining you, and restraining the enemy.

There is only one way; we decide to die so that others might live. Of the others, the chief must be Christ, who is to live in us. How do we die this death? We say, “Yes Lord,” when circumstances, needs, and people want to run over us. We say, “Yes Lord,” when fatigue and disappointment want to hold us back. Do not ever quit saying, “Yes Lord!”

Remember, others have gone on before us and have paved the way with their sacrifices and blood.

(Hebrews 11:33-39a)
You might think these were men and women of long ago, and your assumption would be correct. Yet, they also reflect saints of today who, in the places of their callings, have laid down what others would not. They are people too noble for the world and too lovely for the world to understand. They are those who bled and died, that you might be enlivened with grace to follow in their footsteps.

Grace, lovely, beautiful grace, oh where might thy power be?

It resides in the bosom of thine own dear Son who gave His life for me.

The Son died on the cross that, in His resurrection, He might impart to us the grace of martyrdom to testify of His love for mankind (John 3:16; Acts 1:3,4,8). By love, we follow; and by love, we lay down our lives to take His love into the world that is blind to His glory. We run the risk and hurry down the path of selfless, suffering love so that anyone who can might hear of His great goodness. If it is our mate, our child, or our parent who needs to understand His love, then let them see His love in you, not by might or by force, but, in humility, by the outpouring of His magnanimous love through you. Win the race, dear friends, with His constraining love. Look your enemy in the face and see in him the face of God, as Jacob of old once did. When you can see the face of God in the face of your enemy, you have won Christ!
Where is the love that emboldens abundant life???]? It is in His bosom, pouring out of His heart into yours when you say “No!” to self and “Yes!” to Christ.

You will not find God in places of splendor or in palaces of ivory ~ areas where man serves self-idolatry by indulging in every whim being served by this servant and that as he sits upon his throne, adorned in silken cloth. Rather, you will find Him in the highways and byways of life where pain and suffering await the one clothed in Christ’s love. You will find Him adorned in power and grace to meet your every need.

Seek the higher life. Go where no man has gone before; there you will meet Christ!