JESUS Has Done Mighty and Great Things for me

Thank you Lord! Am not at all worthy to receive this gift!!

Thank you Lord! Am not at all worthy to receive this gift!!

God has done Mighty things in my life ; He’s the very air I breathe
In Him I live, move, and have my being, His love intercedes

He’s the answer to my life’s questions, even am unfaithful to you
You are always faithful to me, Thanks for this love father.

In my Good and bad times, I will rejoice in you,
B’coz you are holding my hands and not forsaken me, why should I worry about.

God has done great things for me; every day is a miracle in my life
To gaze around at all the beauty, they’re such wonders to mine eyes

And when I bow in prayer, I know his presence is there
Although I may not always feel Him, I can leave with him my cares

Though my faith is small, His inner strength makes me strong
I have his guidance when I ask; The Holy Spirit never stirs me wrong

He knows all my needs, I needn’t have to ask
He’s given me much more, Heavenly treasures that last

If I could count each blessing, I’ve many great and small
His love is the greatest gift, I treasure of them all

Each day is a day to thank him, to offer up my praise
To worship and adore Him, This Mighty God who saves



Worship with Don Meon

Worship with Don Meon


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