Sadhu Chellappa: Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English language. He has mastered the knowledge of the Vedas (Ancient text of Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit language) and the other Hindu scriptures. He teaches about a connecting link between Vedas and Jesus Christ.

Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

His Life story:

Sadhu Chellapa came from a very religious family from Tamilnadu, India. He recalls his grandfather being a conservative religious person but his father being a little lenient. When he was at a very young, 1st World war was going on. The times were very difficult and his family was in search for a better livelihood. It was also the time of British Raj in India. Hindu caste system was very prevalent. The lower caste people were inhumanely treated by the Brahmins and the upper class people. While at the same time, the British did not discriminate between the high and the low caste and they welcomed anyone who would be ready to serve them. So his father who was well educated and respected in the society decided to embrace Christianity for the quality of life for himself and his family. By doing so, he also could please the ruling British empire.

His father was working with a Missionary who was from Britain. Everything went well until his father demanded a salary raise. In response to that, he lost his job. The family was stranded. They had nowhere to go. Even everyday food for the family became a challenge. One day, young Chellappa went to the temple to eat the food which was offered to the idols; he liked the temple and especially food. So every day, he would go to the temple to eat and while eating he would listen carefully to the shlokas recited by the priest of the temple. Soon he memorized many of the shlokas by heart. One day the priest saw and heard him reciting the same shlokas and was very impressed. He asked the young boy to come and help him in the duties of the temple. He readily accepted because that meant more food during the day and no starvation. Slowly people noticed him at the temple reciting shlokas and were very impressed. His fame grew and people also offered him gifts and food.

One day, he realized while reciting the Shlokas about a legend “Prajapati” (the lord of the people) which is mentioned in the Vedas. This historic figure was supposed to take the sins of the world and die for it. He also had to remain sinless and a wild thorny creeper on his head. He was to die for the sins of the world and resurrect. Sadhu Chellapa was really interested in this deity “Prajapathi” who is mentioned in Rig Veda as a “silent sufferer”. So he started searching for him. He asked many questions to other priests and Brahmans in the temples. He was determined to search out his Prajapathi. But he did not find any satisfactory answers. He was only 19 years old at that time and felt very disillusioned. So he thought to himself may be there is no God and everything is purposeless.

During this time, he met another atheist who had a long conversation with him that there is a god, but the world has many names to this god. People say there is a Christian god, a Muslim god, a Jewish god and thousands of Hindu gods, So it is better to believe there is no god. It makes more sense to just ignore God!

Some time went by, and his parents wanted him to get married. One of his Uncles insisted that he would marry a good Christian girl. He did not know why he believed that, but he agreed to it. So he married and had children. Life went on but he was not at peace, he started smoking, drinking and also went under a huge debt. Due to his ill habits of smoking, he suffered from TB. There was no proper cure in those days so he suffered a lot. On top of this he always had guilt in himself that he is neither a good husband to his wife or a good father to his children. Day by day the guilt of family, disillusionment from god and the tensions of debt led him to depression.

One day he was travelling in the train with all the problems and worries of his life and he thought of a way to escape from it. He decided to commit suicide. He went to the door of the gushing train to throw himself down. Right at that moment he heard a mysterious voice saying, “He that conceals his sin will never prosper.” This verse struck him to his core. He felt why he heard something like this? What was the purpose? Was there a message for him? As soon as the train stopped he got down and he saw a huge Christian gathering in an open place. He started walking towards it, thinking that Jesus Christ is a Christian and foreign god of the West. But he felt compelled to go there. In the meeting he heard the pastor speak about sin which he understood very well from his knowledge of Vedas. But then, the pastor said that only Jesus Christ, who is born of the virgin can take away the sins of world, for He alone is sinless and he is the atoning sacrifice on behalf of all the people. Sadhu Chellapa recalled that about “Prajapathi”, written in the Vedas too. He could not believe the exact connection. That night the pastor invited the congregation to come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. He ran in front, prayed and accepted Jesus into his heart. Since that day he started sharing his testimony and preaching the Word of God in all the places.

Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

You can read more about him, his mission, and his audio and video preaching on his website His testimony is published in a leading British magazine “The Edge”. You can also listen to 10 part testimony here on youtube where he talks in detail about the Vedas and its fascinating yet much ignored passages which may point to Jesus Christ. (The videos are set into playlist, so you can continually watch all parts without any more clicks.)

Video testimony of Sadhu Chellappa


Jesus is the True living God!

Open Your eyes! Wake up! Rise and Walk in the Light!


Gulshan Fathima Turned into Esther

Who is this woman? What made her to stand a Testimony for Jesus Today?

She is a Pakistani woman, her name is Gulshan Fathima.

This is an powerful testimony of how this woman from Muslim was came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!

Gulshan Fathima was born in 1952 to a wealthy and prominent family of Jhang in the Punjab, Pakistan.

Like a state named punjab in India, there is also a name stated punjab in Pakistan too.

Her mother died after the few hours at the born of Gulshan Fathima.

Her father was too worried but he consoled himself by seeing his daughter. At the age of six months she became ill with Typhoid Fever and as a result became paralyzed on her left side both legs and hand.

At the age of 14, in the search for a cure for her paralysis, her father brought her to England to see a specialist, who allegedly declared her beyond healing and recommended prayer.

[citation needed] From England, Gulshan Fathima proceeded directly on a pilgrimage to Mecca with her father and two maids. Esther later stated that despite not being healed while on Hajj she did not initially lose her Islamic faith.

His father loved her daughter and he didn’t go another marriage because of this only daughter, He was too worried about her daughter and at the age of 16 years he died.

Following her father’s death, She herself wanted to attempt suicide,she desperately called out to God, I walk to talk with the one who knew my circumstances and my need.

Driven by a vast emptiness and bitterness inside she cried aloud….. Suddently there was a light over her room, Astonished with Fear she asked who’s that?

She heard a low gentle voice saying, “My daughter dont cry I wont let you to die”, she thought that her father came in spirit and speaking with her. She asked is it my father who died..?

That gentle voice replied No, But You know well about me. You read about me and the miracles which i did in surah maryam in Quaran.

Is it Esa nabi she asked, He said “Yes JESUS Am He Who AM I”, also that mild gentle voice replied…”Dont Worry I will heal You” in a soft and gentle manner and disappeared.

She wish to hear that voice more and more….Her suicide thought gone away but her heart was filled with awesome joy and happiness peace in here heart. She get a new hope at that day that Jesus will heal me.

Daily she pray continuously to Jesus says Jesus Heal me. Days went, Months went Years went nothing happen, She goes through depression but she has a confidence that Jesus said He will Heal me.

Very early one morning, again she was suffered from severe body pain, she desperately calling Jesus to heal her or tell her if he could not, a light filled the darkened room and she became aware ofthe presence of twelve figures, led by another, brighter and larger than the rest. She relates the encounter as follows:

“Oh God,” I cried, and the perspiration broke out on my forehead. I bowed my head and I prayed. “Oh God, who are these people, and how have they come here when all the windows and doors are shut?”

Suddenly a voice said, “Get up. This is the path you have been seeking. I am Jesus Son of God, to whom you have been praying, and now I am standing in front of you. You get up and come to me.”

I started to weep. “Oh Jesus, I’m crippled. I can’t get up.”

He said, “Stand up and come to me. I am Jesus.”

When I hesitated he said it a second time. Then as I still doubted he said for the third time, “Stand up.”

And I, Gulshan Fatima, who had been crippled on my bed for nineteen years, felt new strength flowing into my wasted limbs. I put my foot on the ground and stood up. Then I ran a few paces and fell at the feet of the vision. I was bathing in the purest light and it was burning as bright as the sun and moon together. The light shone into my heart and into my mind and many things became clear to me at that moment.

I was miraculously healed and transformed by Jesus. After the vision I began walking up and down in my room, reciting the Lord’s Prayer, which I had received shortly before in my illumination encounter.

The sound of my movement alarmed my aunt, who assumed someone had entered my room, as myself couldn’t walk. Opening the door, the aunt had to come to terms with the reality of my healing. Although she and the other relatives were delighted with my physical transformation, but they did not appreciate the credit am giving to Jesus. My relationship with my family deteriorated and at one point and I had a gun put to my head. Nevertheless, after leaving home permanently, I engaged in a ministry of testifying “to the power of God to reach people who are behind the veil of Islam.”

Gulshan Fathima turned to Esther.Here She standing as a Testimony for Jesus today and preaching the Gospel who are behind the veil of Islam.

She return the autobiography of her life in the Torn veil.

the Torn veil

the Torn veil

the Torn veil

the Torn veil


Lost are saved; find their way; at the sound of Your Great Name
All condemned; feel no shame; at the sound of Your Great Name
Every fear; has no place; at the sound of Your Great Name
The enemy; he has to leave; at the sound of Your Great Name

Jesus, worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us
Son of God and man you are high and lifted up; that all the world will praise Your Great Name

Verse 2
All the weak; find their strength; at the sound of Your Great Name
Hungry souls; receive grace; at the sound of Your Great Name
The fatherless; they find their rest; at the sound of Your Great Name
Sick are healed, and the dead are raised. At the sound of Your Great Name

Jesus, worthy is the Lamb; that was slain for us
Son of God and man; you are high and lifted up
that all the world will praise Your Great Name.
Your Great Name.

Redeemer, my Healer; Lord Almighty
My Savior; Defender; you are my King
Redeemer; my Healer; Lord Almighty
My Savior; Defender; you are my King

Jesus, worthy is the Lamb; that was slain for us
Son of God and man; you are high and lifted up
that all the world will praise Your Great Name.
Your Great Name.

Jesus, the Name of Jesus, you are high and lifted up; that all the world will praise your Great Name.
Savior, Son of God and man; you are high and lifted up; all the world will praise Your Great Name. Your Great Name. Your Great Name.

My heart will sing no other name Jesus Oh Jesus