Adam to Jesus

The Generation Chart

How many generations from Adam to Jesus? The answer begins in Genesis chapter five where the first ten generations are found, ending with Noah#10.

First Ten generations

First Ten generations

Adam – Seth – Enos – Cainan – Mahalaleel – Jared – Enoch – Methuselah – Lamech – Noah.

“Noah was a just man and PERFECT(?) in his generations…” Gen6:9. – He was tenth, so this a clue to the three groups of ten generations leading to David.
We know we’re counting these first ten generations correctly because it agrees with verse 14 of Jude (calling Enoch the 7th from Adam), as well as Genesis 5 and 1Chronicles.

2nd Ten Generation list

2nd Ten Generation list

The next ten generation list is found in 1Chr1:24, beginning with son Shem and ending with Abram#20. The 3rd list of ten generations is at the conclusion of the Book of Ruth, where we find that three generations have been ‘skipped’ (Isaac, Jacob, Judah), meaning Boaz was generation #30 and David was #33. This “precept” from the O.T. leads us to the conclusion of Jesus being generation #66.
Yes, just like the Books in the Bible, because Jesus really is the Word, the Son, the Seed, etc.

Of Noah’s 3 sons, it’s Shem who leads the way to Abraham, and of Judah’s 5 sons, it’s Pharez who leads the way to David. From David’s 20 sons we must decide which one leads to Jesus.

The 3 periods of 14 generations, Matthew 1:17, inspire some to a partial arithmetic solution of forty-two (42) generations, but fails to consider the skipped names in Solomon’s column or the nineteen names leading to Abraham. It is this reckoning which leads to a new, more significant, solution of 2 periods of 33 names instead of the 3 periods of 14.

Generation list

Generation list

Sixty-six books in the Bible (no more, no less) and sixty-six generations from Adam to Jesus

But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law..” Gal 4:4.

All the generations from Adam to David are thirty-three (33), and all the generations from Solomon to Jesus are 33. [Compare the symmetry logic with Matthew 1:17].

Sixty-six books in the Bible (no more, no less) and sixty-six generations from Adam to Jesus


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