Dr Ida Scudder, American medical missionary in India

Dr. Ida Scudder (December 9, 1870 – May 24, 1960) was a third-generation American medical missionary in India-founder of CMC Hospital in Vellore.

The town of Vellore has become well known because of the highly respected Christian Teaching College and hospital there.

Vellore Christian Medical College & Hospital, known simply as “CMC”, was founded more than 100 years ago by a lady called Ida S. Scudder.

In the late 1800’s as a young American girl she was visiting her medical missionary father, John Scudder, at his post in Tamil Nadu, South India.
One night, Ida was asked to help three women from different families struggling in difficult childbirth. Custom prevented their husbands from accepting the help of a male doctor for them and being without training at that time, Ida herself could do nothing. The next morning she was shocked to learn that each of the three women had died. She believed that it was a calling and a challenge set before her by God to begin a ministry dedicated to the health needs of the people of India, particularly women and children.
Ida went back to America, entered medical training (practically unheard of for women at that time) and, in 1899, was one of the first women graduates of the Cornell Medical College.

Once trained, she returned to India and opened a one-bed clinic in Vellore in 1900. Two years later, in 1902, she built a 40-bed hospital, the forerunner of today’s 1700-bed medical centre. In 1909, she started the School of Nursing, and in 1918, her fondest dream came true with the opening of a medical school for women. (Men were admitted in 1947). With the training of these women as doctors and nurses, Indian women would now begin to have access to health care professionals. This was the beginning of the vision of Ida S. Scudder which continues to grow to this day.

Today its one of the best Hospital in India. The most advantage in this hospital is low cost, highly cleaned atmosphere, and Efficient Doctors. Christian Medical College employs over 4300 people today.




2 comments on “Dr Ida Scudder, American medical missionary in India

  1. Zahir IQUEBAL Alam says:

    Congratulations Ida S. Scudder and American missionary.

  2. Zahir IQUEBAL Alam says:

    Congratulations Dr. Ida S. Scudder and American missionary. Thanks for providing us better treatment.

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