3rd continuation of The Life of Jesus Christ

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This is the third continuation of

The Life of Jesus Christ

Jesus with his disciples preaching the public, At that time a Man came to him requesting Jesus to cure her daugher who is nearing death.  The Neighbours told him that his daughter died. Jesus heard this ask him to have faith in lord. Jesus went to that man’s home. Loud Cry was there. After seeing that little girl who is 12 years old, he turn to them and said she is sleeping, others  making fun over him. He asked the girl to wake up, she arose from death, he ask her parents to give her something to eat.

[ General: Untill now Jesus choose 3 (Peter and his two brothers) apostles now he is calling Mathew]

Jesus seeing Mathew, he is  educated and  tax collector, and acquiring a well position in a society , here he have to collect tax from all the people one widow came to here with only one coin he waits untill the soliders to pass through them and allow the lady to go without paying tax. Jesus seeing everything and asked him to come and join with him. Immediately he close everything and went with Jesus.

[General: Many Times Jesus pray lonely to his father who is the Only God – Lord Almighty]

Similarly he choose 12 Apostles now, the name of those apostles is below :

Simon, son of Jonas (also known as Peter or Cephas) (John 1:42)
Andrew, son of Jonas
James, son of Zebedee (nicknamed with his brother, Sons of Thunder) (Luke 5:10)
John, son of Zebedee (nicknamed with his brother, Sons of Thunder) (Luke 5:10)
Matthew (also known as Levi)
James, son of Alpheaus
Simon, the Canaanite (nicknamed the Zealot)
Judas, son of James (also called Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus)
Judas Iscariot

First one whom he hugs is the Peter, Jesus close Apostle at last he too said  that he dont know Jesus 3 times to save his life that we see in the 11 part . And the last one whom he hugs in the above video is the Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus by a kiss at last

[General : He started Preaching among the people wherever he went about the God’s News. There He saw a Prostitute collecting Money He ask her to turn out of Sins and come out of this life, Others seing this starts irritates on seeing her, The person’s wife who saw this  said why He is taking to her, He advised that people to respect her too.]

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